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2015 – It’s that time of the Year!

It’s hard to believe that in a few weeks we will be celebrating the new year, but I am so excited for what 2016 has in store for Section 101 and even more excited that you’re all on this journey with us. As a company we’ve grown so much this year, had incredible experiences, and learned a lot in the process. One thing that remains the same is that we are ending the year on a high note, which is really the best motivation we can ask for. Everyone who works at Section 101 is so passionate about what we do, and we hope that feeling is contagious!

It goes without saying that without our amazing clients and partners, I wouldn’t be writing this, so thank you! We’re thrilled to be connected with each and every one of you.

Section 101 2015 Highlights

Pentatonix Debuts on Billboard Chart at #1 – We love all of our clients equally, but it’s pretty exciting when one you’ve worked with for so long has such a successful year. We re-launched https://ptxofficial.com with their new album art for their self titled release … that debuted on the Billboard Top 200 Album chart at #1!  The refresh looked amazing, proving that PTX is a great example of a brand that has consistently evolved visually and creatively, which makes sense since their YouTube channel was one of the main drivers to help break the band in the mainstream.

Austin the Unstoppable – Music has a big impact on people’s lives, so when presented with this project, we tackled the website build with a lot of love. Austin the Unstoppable is a theatre program that travels to different schools to promote a healthy lifestyle, with both food and exercise tips, the grade school kids. For kids today, where bullying is sadly a part of their everyday school-life, anything that helps them to feel good about themselves and take control of their health is right by us. This fun and engaging show has been a big hit up and down the East Coast. This was a special one for us: https://austintheunstoppable.org.

musicFirst’s MIC Parody Website – When our client, musicFIRST, came to us with this idea our interest was piqued. The result was a pretty hilarious, spot on and insightful parody website on the MIC Coalition. While musicFIRST fights for artist’s rights, MIC is aligned with big businesses that seem to want to pay the music artist as little as possible for the use of their work. In a David v. Goliath move, musicFIRST put an unclaimed URL to good use and launched https://miccoalition.org, a parody website highlighting what they believe to be unfair practices toward musicians who are not paid equitably for their work via radio and digital royalties. It brought this ever evolving conversation back in to the mainstream.

Quantum Collective’s Southwest Invasion at SXSW: The Quantum Collective’s (Of which I am a founder) Southwest Invasion on the Whole Foods Rooftop in Austin, TX was the place to be on March 20-21st! It has been so exciting to watch this 2-day, 2-stage, free, all ages Fest grow, and the 2015 Southwest Invasion was our most successful one yet.   With over 50,000 (!) RSVP’s, this year’s line up included X Ambassadors, The Zombies, Big Data, Wooden Wisdom and many more. All the performances were live-streamed, and our partnership with Whole Foods/Whole Planet continued to foster the good will this event has come to represent – and our attendees raised money for a great cause! Make sure you keep your eye on the Quantum website for news of our next event in March, 2016! 

On behalf of the entire Section 101 Team, we wish you a wonderful holiday and a wonderful, healthy & entertainment filled New Year. Here’s to 2016!!

- Liz


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