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2014 – What a Year!

It’s hard to believe that 12 months have passed since I wrote our last Section 101 Year-End Blog. So much has happened, yet at the same time, it seems like it was just December 2013. One thing that has remained the same is that once again we’re ending on a high note! It has been another fantastic year of growth and development for Section 101, as we’ve launched different verticals, a brand new design agency and a couple of fantastic partnerships.

It goes without saying that we couldn’t do it without you: our clients, who have supported us and sang our praises, the people we meet at the many conferences we attend throughout the year, the friends who tell all their friends how terrific their Section 101 website looks and even the fine folks who just want to keep in touch and get our newsletters. We’re so happy to be associated with each and every one of you.

Below you will find our highlights of the year and a special Spotify Holiday Playlist from our staff (plug: Tracks 1 – 10 are all Section 101 clients!)

Section 101 2014 Highlights

SIGNL Award: Section 101was chosen by SIGNL for a GROWTH AWARD certification in July. Section 101 was ranked #23 out of 302,068 companies, with Section 101 singled out for their growth among companies across all industries ranked by SIGNL. https://s101.ws/3wjo

TV and Film Vertical: Section 101 celebrated the launch of the company’s Film, Television and Theatre vertical with an announcement and party at the Sundance Film Festival in January. https://s101.ws/3wjl.

Author Vertical: Section 101 celebrate the launch of the company’s author solution at  the Book Expo America in May. Section 101 is the only website platform to offer special and specific features to authors and the publishing industry. https://s101.ws/3wjn.

Quantum Collective Event at SXSW: The Quantum Collective (Section 101 CEO Liz Leahy is a founder) celebrated a successful third annual Southwest Invasion in March. With over 10,000 music lovers in attendance for the two full days of free, all-ages music featuring 31 acts, it was the place to be during SXSW. https://s101.ws/3wjm.

Refer-A-Friend & ASCAP Benefit Program: We launched two great programs this year – since many customers were telling us how much they love the Section 101 product and their new website, if a client refers a friend, we give both you and your friend one free month of DIY website hosting and our unrivaled customer care: https://s101.ws/3wjp. We also joined forces with ASCAP when we were added to their Membership Benefit Program, something we’re really proud of: https://s101.ws/3wjq.

S101 Design: In November, Section 101 announced the launch of S101 Design, an offshoot of their successful digital services company. S101 Design brings creative elements to projects such as custom website design, album and book artwork, graphic design, email design, newsletter templates, concept strategies and more. S101 Design offers amazing creative design with fast, flexible and cost effective services, providing peace of mind with a cohesive and cooperative process: https://s101.ws/3wjr.

On behalf of the entire Section 101 Team, we wish you a wonderful holiday and a happy & healthy New Year. See you in 2015!!



Section 101 Holidaze Playlist


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