Who uses Section 101?

Section 101 is the premier website solution for professionals and brands in the entertainment and lifestyle industries. Our clients include artists, music companies, authors, advocacy groups, publishers, record labels, indie films and more. 


Section 101 builds websites, do they host them too?

We sure do. We have a robust platform and hosting capabilities.


I want a new logo for my brand. Is that something you can help with? 

Section 101 has a top-notch team that can work with you on logos, email templates, splash pages and more.


I already have my own URL. Can I use it with Section 101?

You bet! We'll even handle all the techy stuff. Just give us some information about your URL when you are ready to launch, and we will take care of the rest.


Are Section 101 websites mobile optimized?

Yes, Section 101 websites are either responsive or mobile optimized (depending on the client’s needs) and look amazing on iPhones, Androids and Tablets. And we are always optimizing for the latest technology.


What about email? 

Email addresses can be captured through a Section 101 widget or through a 3rdparty widget from providers like Mail Chimp, Emma or Constant Contact. In addition, every Section 101 website comes with an email address that can be forwarded to any email address of your choice.  


Does Section 101 integrate with my social accounts?

Yes! Your Section 101 website is designed to make content creation and sharing easy. Seamlessly integrate to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Spotify and more. 


What about SSL?

All new websites have an SSL certificates to ensure that the sensitive data of your website's visitors will be transferred over a secure network. Google marks websites that do not have SSL with the words “not secure” in the URL bar, which is not something you want visitors to see.


Can I set up an online store?

Absolutely! We can add a 3rdparty store (PayPal, Shopify and others) and work with you on a cohesive design between the website and the store. 


Will my website be optimized for search engines, like Google?

Our dynamic SEO algorithms work behind-the-scenes to make your website and content search-engine friendly.  You will also have the ability to update your search terms with the S101 admin tool.   


Can you show me who's been visiting my website and page?

Yes, and more! We are integrated with Google Analytics, so that you can see everything from the number of visitors to your website to the time spent on your pages. 


What payment options are there?

We accept all major credit cards.  


Have more questions? 

Contact us at [email protected] to speak with a Section 101 team member.