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Any Friend of Yours Is a Friend of Ours!

Was that the fastest summer on record or is it just me? It seems like we all blinked and went from planning a company BBQs to working on our 4th quarter initiatives to closing out the year!

We’ve been feeling really happy lately with all the amazing and positive feedback we’ve been getting from Section 101 clients. So much so, we started a “Thank You” program: If a referral is made, we thank you by giving both the Section 101 client and their referral one free month website hosting and customer care. There is also no limit to the amount of free months you can receive – so if you turn 4 friends in to Section 101 clients with active websites, you get FOUR free months of website hosting and customer care.

Artist Jamie Kent, who has a music website with Section 101, has not only made use of our Thank You Program, but gave us a shout out when he said,  "When I find something truly great in this music industry, I feel like I need to tell everyone I know. Well, Section 101 is one of the great ones. It's like a big family; they push for us artists... I'm certain you can't say that about any other web development company out there." 

Not long ago, Pentatonix’s manager, Jonathan Kalter, said, “Section 101 was able to deliver a highly functioning, well-designed micro-site without breaking stride in their development of a full site launch. Add this to the personal service, expert design work and the website's ability to let the management/artist edit and add from home, I wouldn't hesitate to use Section 101 for my other artists or recommend them to anyone.”

And we were really excited when author and fitness guru Steve Ettinger exclaimed, “Working with Section 101 is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Not only were they able to deliver an awesome looking site, but also create a platform that makes updating so much easier than anything I’ve used before. For the rare occasions I do have a question, their team is always fast, friendly, and extremely helpful.”

I want to end my “Brag Blog” by truly thanking all of YOU. We wouldn’t be anywhere, really, without you, and your feedback and suggestions have made us a better company all-around. We can’t wait to see what 2015 brings (which is only 4.5 months away!!!!)

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