Website Tips and Best Practices

Fonts Rule! The Trial & Error of Picking the Typography for Your Website

1. Get inspired by reviewing your logo, posters, flyers, album artwork, and any other promotional materials.

2. Determine overall the vibe of your website – Do you want your website to be fun, whimsical, serious, professional etc.

3. Start by evaluating appropriate font types for your Navigation and Headings.  These lead and the rest will follow.

  • Look at the shape/curve of the lettering, the spacing between each letter, the thickness or thinness, bold, italics, etc.
  • Do the fonts reflect the vibe you chose for your website?
  • Discard fonts that don't support the style of your website or that are hard to read.

4. Pick 1-3 main header/navigation fonts that you think you like.

5. Next, evaluate your body copy. For the most part stick with Google safe fonts. It's a smaller list, but these are sure to display properly across multiple web browsers.

  • The Section 101 tool has Google safe fonts for you to select from! 

6. Always look at the fonts together and see what you think - they should work as a whole. Don't get caught up on a single font or type of font.

7. If you aren't happy go back through the process again. Don't be afraid to try new things. Eventually you will find something that looks good and is effective!