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New Music Discovery Options

It’s summer and what better time for fans to make a playlist of all the cool new music they’re finding! A new trend we’re seeing is people using crowd-sourcing websites to find cool new artists, which involve the fans you already have, and the ability to help you get the attention of new ones! If you're an up and coming artist, make sure you keep your pulse on the different ways people discover new music. 

Kickstarter, Indiegogo and Pledgemusic are just a few fundraising sites geared toward music that help new artists fund their recording budget. This has become a great source of music discovery for fans that comb the sites to find new music first. There is truly nothing more exciting to a fan then to have been with an artist since the beginning as they watch an act's success grow.  

Having an email database, and reaching out to people who have signed up for more information, is primary (and key to your success), but by putting yourself on a crowdsourcing site you will find fans that wouldn’t have stumbled upon you otherwise. People have started to tweet about music that they find just by looking through the current music campaigns on a given crowd sourcing website. It’s a major score to have your already-intact fan base cheering you along, with new supporters tweeting about your music and telling their friends about it.  Even if money isn’t your main motivation, these crowd sourcing websites are a great way to involve and reward your fans in the creation of your art. 

So if you’re holding out for a more traditional "deal", you may want to explore these crowd sourcing options to not only help get you on the road (literally!), but expose you to true music lovers.

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