Website Tips and Best Practices

Get Ready to Navigate – No GPS Needed!

Here are some navigation links that you may want to include on your Section 101 website to give your fans the best experience possible (part I)

News : Update your website often to keep your fans coming back to see what you’re up to next. Including them in the process allows them to feel part of something special and have a real investment in your future.

Tour/Speaking Engagements/Theatre/Signings: Promote your stuff! Sell tickets, post to your social networks and let fans know when you’re coming to their town! Do you have merchandise you will be selling and you want input on the design? Does a ticket allow a fan to get something signed? Do you want them to pick your set list? Think of fun ideas that will keep them interested!

Music/Spoken Word/Audio DL’s: Our technology lets you showcase your music/audio downloads/spoken word pieces right from your website. Make sure your Audio Player is up-to-date and change it up every couple of weeks. And most of all, make sure everything you are showcasing is available for fans to purchase.

Photos/Videos: Photos and videos help your fans get to know you. Lyric videos are a great way for music fans to share your music AND learn the words to your songs. Photos can take them on a journey with you, especially for events they wouldn’t normally have access to, like backstage at a theatre performance or a book signing