Music and Band Website Client Testimonials

We LOVE our Music Website clients and build long-lasting relationships with beautiful designs, effective features, and consistent customer care. The feeling is mutual....

BUSH Band Website
Aimee Mann Musician Website
“We were looking for a team that could help create a destination for BUSH fans that would not only look good, but be easy to use. The site does exactly what it is supposed to.”
Todd Hensley, The MGMT Company
“With the constant flow of new news, tour dates, and videos, we needed a platform where any of us in the office could easily update the site at any given moment. This site now gives us the tools to do this very easily. Working again with Section 101 has proved to be a seamless process."
Karen Malluk, Michael Hausman Artist Management
Rachael Yamagata Musician Website
Pentatonix Band Website
“Working with Section 101 has been great. The website looks awesome and is very easy to update. Their staff is amazing and is always willing to spend extra time to help make sure the site is running smoothly."
Rachael Yamagata, DIY Artist
“Section 101 was able to deliver a highly functioning, well-designed micro-site without breaking stride in their development of a full site launch. Add this to the personal service, expert design work and the website's ability to let the management/artist edit and add on their own, I would recommend them to anyone.”
Jonathan Kalter, The MGMT Company
Duran Duran Band Website
Carina Round Musician Website
“The Section 101 platform is so sophisticated, and yet so user-friendly, that we were quickly able to populate it with information, giving Duran Duran fans a rich on-line experience."
Wendy Laister, Magus Entertainment
“I was afraid I'd never find a company willing to spend the time helping me bring the ideas in my head to life, but that's what Section 101 is all about. They didn't give me a boring template to work with, they were truly interested in customizing my site, allowing it to reflect both me and my music, while remaining user friendly and awesome to look at.”
Carina Round, DIY Artist
Tavonna Miller Musician Website
Jamie Kent Musician Website
“Working with Section 101 has been amazing! In working with them, I finally feel like I have a website that truly represents me as an artist! Someone is always available to help with any questions I have & is always very helpful! I would strongly recommend Section 101 to any of my colleagues!”
Tavonna Miller, DIY Artist
“Section 101 absolutely killed it! My website was easy to build, is easy to maintain, and looks pretty damn amazing. Their design consult really brought the website to the next level, and the positive feedback from fans has been overwhelming. On top of that, any time I run into something I can't figure out, Section 101 is there to help. I couldn't ask for more. Highly recommended to my fellow indie artists looking to take their web presence to the next level.”
Jamie Kent, DIY Artist