Section 101 News

Whenever we think Pentotnix can’t impress us any further, they prove us wrong again and again!

The band recently posted two incredible new covers: “Shallow,” the Lady Gaga/Bradley Cooper smash from the movie “A Star is Born,” and "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" from "The Lion King." If you weren’t sure anyone else could do those songs justice, do yourself a favor and listen (and watch) PTX’s version on their official YouTube page.

The group is currently on a world tour, which is taking them to a lot of amazing places ex-US including Brazil, Argentina and Canada. Visit their tour page and see if you can get to a show. As a recent newspaper review of a performance opined, “Five voices produced the sounds that full bands typically create, and in a multitude of styles. If that's what a quality show is to you- then Pentatonix delivered.”