Website Tips and Best Practices

Brainstorm – how not to end up in the junk pile

We’ve already told you how important, and useful, email marketing is. It’s super smart to get as many email addresses as you can (which is why your Section 101 website has a sign up on the home page), but once you have those email addresses, what are you going to do with them? 

First, you need a plan. Make sure you know what you want to say. If you’re not sure, think about it for a few days, jot down some notes, and do a couple of test emails to yourself or close friends to get some feedback.  Second, pay close attention to other email newsletters that you receive, even if it’s from big businesses. How do they grab attention? Is it the design? The wording? What makes YOU want to read theirs? Third, just do it. Once you have a framework, artwork and content, and you’re satisfied, push send. The best way to improve is by taking that first step and then see what type of response you get from it. In fact, ask your followers to let you know what they think. You’d be surprised how happy they’d be to let you know what you’ve done right, and sometimes, wrong! 

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