Website Tips and Best Practices

Tend Your Garden

Make sure you keep your website up-to-date, not only with relevant and interesting content, but also with current contact information. When a website isn’t updated, or has a contact name that is no longer applicable, you have a threefold problem: 1) you’re boring 2) you are showing visitors that you’re not invested in your site 3) you could be missing out on an important offer someone wants to make you. 

What if someone heard a song on your SoundCloud (you have one, right?) and wanted to work with you? Or heard an artist that is signed to your label and wanted to talk about putting the track in a film? If you’re not taking the time to tend to your website, not only will it look desolate of any new information, but you could blow a big opportunity. 

Make a calendar reminder on your phone to add some kind of news to your website once a week and look over all the sections of the site once a month. It’s a pretty small investment to make on something that could have huge reward. 

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