Website Tips and Best Practices

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Let’s talk about Fans - not the ones you use in the steaming heat of summer - but ones who are interested in what you’re doing - be it the writing you do, the music you make, or the brand/product you’re producing. These are the very people that will help you spread the word about what you’re doing, so clearly you want to encourage and support their efforts! The more they talk about how amazing what you’re doing is, the more opportunity you will have to reach the fan of the fan, so to speak. 

Some of your followers might be ’tastemakers’ - people with influence, especially on social media.   In order to make those early adapters - ones who have been with you since the beginning - happy, it’s smart to single them out. Why not give them a little something back? Maybe invite them to an online listening party with new music? Or let them see some early new work you’re producing via a Google Hangout. If you work with a product, perhaps send them samples or even some swag you may have promoting your brand. These actions really goes a long way, invigorates people and solidifies their loyalty.  It also gets them talking, which helps you reach people you might not have connected with otherwise. There’s no better advertisement than a satisfied customer!

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