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Top Three Reasons to have a Section 101 Website...Survey Says!

Ok, this is not an actual scientific survey, but from talking to our current customers, we have a pretty good idea of what is important to them when launching their website. Thought this feedback could be helpful to someone considering getting their brand online! Our top three results:

1)    Having a website is the 2016 equivalent of a business card. Yes, social media is great, and in some cases, more prevalent, but people will still ask about a website. If your ’toolkit’ is made up of your music, your social media, your live shows and NOT a website, we need to talk! Not only could it help you solidify brand relationships, and let interested parties know how vested you are in your career, but it is a central place for fans who know they will get the straight scoop on your website.

2)    You can collect email addresses. This is especially important if you don’t have a label deal, or don’t want one.  A Section 101 website makes it so easy for people that are new to your site to sign up for additional information, allowing you to capture their email address and keep in touch with newsletters, blogs, tour information and more. It is a very valuable commodity and one that will make you more appealing to partners. 

3)    Admittedly, social is a super important component. You can use your Facebook/Twitter/Insta to draw fans to your current website, where one of the nice features is that you can incorporate a web store. This allows people to buy music, tee shirts or whatever cool swag you’re selling. And unlike other companies (cough-cough), Section 101 doesn’t skim any of your well-deserved profits!

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