Website Tips and Best Practices

Put Your Best Content Forward!

You know what we’ve noticed lately? A lot of people seem to be forgetting that copy - what you write on your website, and how you present it - is really important!

Don’t miss ANY opportunity to get your point across. Yes, photos are important, what your website looks like is important, but making sure your message is fully understood and seen by your intended audience is REALLY important! While we know that a visual and creative impression is vital, you need words to reinforce it.

Something else to be mindful of is WHERE you place the copy on the page of your website. With all these cool photo apps available, people are forgetting that your message needs to be front and center!  Think about how people are SEEING your website on Desktop and Mobile, and make sure whatever you write is easy to understand and act upon. 

What you have to say, and how you present that ‘brand’ message, is what will make your Section 101 website stand out!

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