Website Tips and Best Practices

Re-Do or not to Re-Do, That is the Question!

While an artist doesn’t have to re-do their entire website each time they launch a new project, it is nice to change things up every now again to let your audience know that you have something amazing to promote!

A Section 101 website allows you to edit the look to fit your current campaign since the technology to do so is built in to our platform; it’s one of the most talked about features of the many we offer.  Emerging artists and brands don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a website that looks good. We always suggest that if you’re really interested in having a presence online that you look around and see what you like – either Section 101 client or any one that jumps out at you. Section 101 provides social media and e-commerce plugins, blog capabilities, music and video players and more. And what’s really cool is that you can design your website to support a specific tour or release, and then change it in a few months when you’re working on something else.

Your imagery is just as important to your presentation as your music, merchandising, music video, stage design, etc. A complete package is the best package.

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