Website Tips and Best Practices

One Minute PR Class

Here’s a tip for you that has nothing to do with your Section 101 website until you post it!! Press releases are an important part of promoting your band, single, record label, brand, but they have to be readable. If they don’t read well, and get across your point succinctly, well then you’ve wasted everyone’s time, including your own.  

You always need to answer WHO/WHAT/WHEN/WHERE in a press release. Whether you’re writing about a product that is already available,  or something you’re working on, the main focus of your release should be clear in the last sentence of your first paragraph. Your emphasis should be on what’s the most essential piece of information you want to impart. Press releases make your audience feel like they’re getting the most up-to-date information first,  and the goal should be to make sure you’re clear with your objective. Whether you’re in the studio, getting ready to tour, working with a hot new producer, doing a remix, scoring a film or walking the red carpet, make sure you have enough information to make your press release engaging.  A press release is always a professional, and well-received, idea that you can post on your website and then re-purpose on social media.

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