Website Tips and Best Practices

You Gotta Give a Little to Take a Little

Be smart about how you go about email marketing because you know what? It’s still really important! 

Everyone likes to feel special, like they’re being offered something unique that piques their interest. They may not know they want it, but it’s your job to make them feel that way! Therefore, it is important to try and capture email addresses, but to then also give something to the people who were kind enough to provide it to you. 

An email database is still an important factor in keeping your fans engaged and updated.  If you “sell-sell-sell” to them all the time, you will turn people off; if you try to “give” them something every now and again, they will be more encouraged to stick around to see what you might do next. Maybe tell them about a Giveaway you’re doing, or a new blog you’ve posted, or even some new merchandise in your store - and offer them a discount if they use a code provided in the email. It’s always beneficial for your audience to feel like they’re getting some scoop before anyone else. The trick to email marketing is to let the people who are interested in what you do know they’re part of your crowd.

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