Website Tips and Best Practices

P is for Promotion

This seems like a very topical tip considering the SXSW Music Fest happened last week in Austin, TX. If you were lucky enough to have had the opportunity to be there - either as an attendee, a performer or a panelist - talk yourself up! It’s not rude, that’s part of what you’re there for. 

Don’t miss any opportunity to speak about your brand and, within that, include your website URL. Whether it’s verbal or you pass along cards with the information on it, it’s important to put the word out. It’s great to promote yourself over your social networks, at a show or at a conference where you're hoping to make connections, and having your own website is impactful. Oftentimes when people talk about their great product, but don’t have a website, it feels a little less legitimate. Having a website shows that you take what you’re doing very seriously and want other people to know it.

It also helps if you make sure your site is up-to-date when you're doing any type of live performance or speaking engagement, since people will want to search for you afterwards. You will be even MORE impressive if you’re really well-prepared for their “visit."


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