Website Tips and Best Practices

Own, Don't Rent!

Own your own URL!

This may be beside the point, right, because that’s why you’re here…but let’s just remind you once again why it’s so important you took this step:   

Once you decide on a name for your website, make sure you secure the domain name as well as social network IDs [Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, SnapChat, Vine etc] that correspond. The social media tags are now a part of your brand, and you need to market that brand – it’s now part of your job (we’ve talked about that in other tips!) 

Even if you don't use all the social media you reserve, you should have them under your umbrella to execute on when you might need it.  Maybe Vine clips aren’t your bag right now, but when you’re touring, it might be fun to film them from the tour bus or backstage each night. The bottom line is, it’s better to be safe (and secure) than sorry!

*This would be an awesome tip to share with your friends who DON’T have a Section 101 website!

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