Website Tips and Best Practices

Deliver the letter, the sooner the better

An email database is still really, really important. Believe it or not, email is the #1 way people make purchasing decisions. You can post about your new album/book/play/tv show/film/product as many times as you’d like on Twitter but the biggest motivator to take action comes in the form of an email you can personalize using a variety of applications.

A direct message (personalized with “Dear So&So” if you’re able) in a follower’s inbox is very meaningful to the person receiving it. It makes them feel a part of something, which is a great way to encourage them to be a part of what YOU'RE a part of.  Make sure you equip your Section 101 website with a Sign Up page where people can leave you their information.

Don’t dismiss the power of a well-written, motivating email blast - but make sure to add an “unsubscribe” option just in case.


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