Website Tips and Best Practices

Choose Wisely, Jedi

Your social media options, and what works best, are important. This is mostly a trial by fire process – you need to have some experience to see what is resonating with your followers. Some artists do really well on Facebook and others shine on Twitter. What networks do you find your fans gravitating toward? You certainly have more space to tell a story on Facebook, but you should be directing those type of postings to your website as well. Do your fans love reading your thoughts on Tumblr? Seeing your photos on Instagram? Or are they re-tweeting every 140 character missive that comes from your keyboard? Live for Snapchat? Whatever you choose to test out, make sure you check all the options available to you and then use a few of them wisely. It’s not good to be spread too thin, so you need to spend at least a month sussing out what works best for your followers, and where you get the most traction. However, no matter how often you update your social channels,  make sure you always keep your website as up to date as possible, since that should be your "home base." 

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