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Act Like Star!

Act like a star!

You may not be one yet, but ACT like one. Take photos like you’re in Pentatonix, make video clips as if you have a million YouTube followers, Blog like you’re getting ready to be featured in Vanity Fair, post your thoughts on Tumblr like you’re a wise guru! Most of all, update your website like the whole world is reading and watching. Not only is it a great historical reference for you to have over the course of time, but once you are a superstar, you will be so happy that you have this Timeline of your career. When Publishers come calling for your autobiography, this will make things so much easier (and yes, you can thank us in your book). You're creating people's perception of you, you want to show the world you're serious: press, venues, managers, labels. They will look at your website and see how much effort you're putting in to things and how hard you're working.  Perception is reality - make the most of it!

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