Website Tips and Best Practices

Your Newsletters & Gmail In Box Tabs

One of the best tips we can continue to give is to communicate with your client base. As we have mentioned before, email contact is still very valuable for a few reasons.It’s always smart to build up your subscriber list by asking for email addresses on your website.  Additionally, email is still a great way to communicate If a fan hasn’t had time to check your website or social media - a good email blast/newsletter can bring them up to speed.

Here’s something to be mindful of however: Gmail has a feature that organizes email via tabs – including one called the PROMOTIONS tab. Instead of going in to a PRIMARY email box, where your work or casual emails might go, newsletters tend to go in to the PROMOTIONS tab as the Gmail algorithm can suss out a newsletter from a “ regular” email. This had some marketers worried that their emails would go overlooked, but studies have shown that people use, and look at, the Promotions tab, and, in fact, it has increased open rates. 

If you’re still nervous, you can ask your subscribers with Gmail accounts to add your FROM email address to their contact list, or suggest that they move the newsletter out of the PROMOTIONS tab to the PRIMARY tab so there’s no chance of missing a communication. Either way early data indicates this new TAB has been a success for both Gmail and marketers.

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