Website Tips and Best Practices

Shake it like a Polaroid Picture

Well, not exactly!

Best practices for photos are pretty simple – artistic is great, but make sure that people will want to share them.


For starters, blurry isn’t always so cool, and neither are photos taken from very far away. The whole idea of sharing photos with your followers is so they can feel like they’re right there with you…and not fifty feet away! That way, they want to share with their friends too because the photo is so cool. Anything behind-the-scenes is always great and maybe even letting them in on something personal like a coffee run can help people get to know you better. If you can get a little creative and add graphics to your photo, you can have a lot of fun and engage followers while letting them know you’re really invested in this. If you have a series of shots from an event, start a Gallery!

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