Website Tips and Best Practices

Let Me Wiki That….On Second Thought

While it is certainly meaningful to have an entry on Wikipedia – you’ve arrived – it can be, and often is, edited by someone who isn’t you. Therefore, as cool as it is to tell people you have a wikipedia entry,  it shouldn’t be the primary source of information on you or your brand. Who better to tell your story than you? Even if you write your own bio rather than having one professionally done for your website, telling your own story is always best. You’ve done the work, it is your career, your band, your book, your business, etc. Who better to know the points you want to get across and it what order of importance?

Even if a magazine or online outlet did a great profile piece on your brand, do not rely on anyone else to tell your story on your website. You may not be a household name the day you create your Section 101 website, but when you are, we can pretty well guarantee you will be upset if you’re not in charge of the information that’s floating around the Internet. Make sure you fill out the ABOUT portion of your website and continue to update it as you grow!

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