Website Tips and Best Practices

Response or Adapt? What’s the Difference?

Both responsive and adaptive websites are important when talking about mobile technology. Users often won’t know the difference - and won’t care as long as your site loads quickly and they can navigate to where they want to go. So what’s the difference? 

As we said in the earlier tip, a responsive website is mobile friendly. Its technology is fluid, and as such, it responds to fit any size screen or device. An adaptive website is mobile optimized, which means it can adapt to the device of choice - i.e which device your viewer is using to reach your website - with a pre-defined set of layout sizes that have already been put into place. With out getting too techy on you, the similarity is that both responsive and adaptive allow you to view content on a mobile device. The difference is HOW they bring the website to your audience.  Depending on where you are with your website build, you may want to investigate an adaptive website, and how it can help how people "see" your site via their smart phone or tablet. Section 101 will help you choose the mobile optimization that best fits your needs! 

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