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Show Your Mobile Love

We’re now past the Mobile Tipping Point …so it’s no longer a case of asking whether mobile marketing is important, we know it is!

Mobile viewing has grown at such a substantial rate that studies now show that mobile and desktop web browsing intersect. What does this mean? There are now as many people using a smart phone to browse the web as those that use a desktop computer.  How does this affect the Section 101 client?

The great news is that all of the Section 101 websites are mobile-ready. If you have a Section 101 website, viewers can see and interact with your website.  Non-mobile friendly sites tend to display hieroglyphics or weird patterns.  However, as viewing habits and technology continue to evolve, adding a mobile optimized version may be important to augment your audience’s experience.  

Are you ready to show your viewers the mobile love?

When you feel like you’re updating your website so frequently that it pays for you to make sure the experience on mobile is the same for people who browse via their desktop, then the answer is YES.

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