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The Long & the Short of Video Content

YouTube, Facebook or Vine/Instagram Video? While all have merits, there is certainly a difference between a 3-minute YouTube video, a video upload to your Facebook feed, a 6.5 second vine clip or a 15 second Instagram movie.

Let's break it down: Want a funny quick clip that you can post  in less than 30 seconds? Vine is the way to go.You never know, you could even get signed like this artist.  If you’re able to do some real filming, either of a performance, or something behind-the-scenes that would be a real treat for fans, make the step up to YouTube as long as the quality is good. You can incorporate your YouTube videos right on your Section 101 homepage, much like our client Pentatonix have done, so fans can see your videos right from the start and navigate through your site from there.

Facebook is gaining momentum since the video that is uploaded instantly plays while people scroll through their feed, which ‘counts’ as a view; however there are less enhancements on Facebook and no ability to search like you can on YouTube.

The bottom line is if you want to spice up YOUR home on the web, make sure you provide your base with some visual content!

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