Website Tips and Best Practices

I Will Take Titles For $200, Alex

Good online titles for news items are just as important as the News items themselves. A reader needs to be engaged to want to continue reading, and if your Subject Line, or Title, is dull, well, chances are someone will think what you’re saying is too!

You want your title to catch the reader’s eye, but also be worded in a way that makes it searchable when people are looking up a topic. Therefore, make no assumptions and be as specific as you can in your headline. Here’s a good example: “BUSH release new album” isn’t as informative as “Gavin Rossdale’s BUSH release new album, The Seas of Memories, includes chart topping single ‘The Sound of Winter’.” Since people search for the name “Gavin Rossdale” pertaining to many things, using his name in the subject line is a good idea as it is informative and will come up in search. A good rule of thumb is to try to make your title something you’d want to read!

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