Website Tips and Best Practices

The Look - Do You Stand Out?

Deciding on your website artwork, and having the ‘right’ look, is REALLY important!

Give thought to your creative and how you want your site to look. This will be something that stays closely associated with you throughout your career. It's important to make sure your online look is a good match for what you’re promoting, be it music, a book or a film. Keep in mind that you have to remain consistent from the look of your overall aesthetic to your website. In other words, if you’re putting out an album, you may want to change the look of your website to match the look of your album. It’s great to brand your site with something specific because Section 101 gives you the ability to change that over time. Once the album cycle is over, you can change the backdrop to your site (our client, Pentatonix, does this very effectively), but you should also stay consistent within your brand. If you have a logo, use it. Make sure when someone gets to your website, they know right away its YOU! 

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