Website Tips and Best Practices

Excuse Me Dear, Do You Have Five Seconds??

How important is the first look to your website? Very! Studies shows that people make up their mind about sticking around in the first FIVE seconds they’re on your site. If a visitor “bounces” (see BOUNCE tip here: https://s101.ws/3wdt) then you’re not doing something right. We’re here to help! 

The second someone sees your site, they aren’t reading - they’re looking for something that tells them they’re where they want to be. What clues can you give to make sure they want to stick around and see what you have going on?

1) Logo! Be it your band, your publishing company or your very own name, people need to see something that’s identifiably yours. The brain captures things visually, immediately, and that’s what you need for them to say, “Oh yes, I am in the right place.”

2) Navigation – the layout of your homepage gives people cues of where they want to go. If it looks too confusing, they’re not going to bother. Make sure everything is clear.

3) Do you have a signature song, book cover, image, photo or a tagline from your successful business? Think about putting it on the homepage. It is the best way to spell out, with no confusion, what you are. 

4) Are there News Items posted on your homepage to entice visitors? Are the headlines to those News Items punchy, fun and engaging? They better be. If you have generic headlines on news you want people to read, bounce-bounce-bounce away they will go.

5) Visuals. How is it looking? Is it too sparse? Do you have too much scrolling, making people work hard to see what is important?  You need to know how you want your homepage to look and how that look will resonate with the audience you’re trying to capture.

Your website is your calling card, make sure it looks great!

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