Website Tips and Best Practices

Enough About Me, Let's Talk About You, PT 2

Here are some MORE navigation links that you may want to include on your Section 101 website to give your fans the best experience possible. As a reminder, PT 1 ran the week of April 13th, and if you want to review it, click here!
 About: Make sure you have something written in the ABOUT section of your website so your audience knows something about what you do, how you got your start, your influences and more. The best way to start a community is to shares your likes with people who are interested. The best source for information on you is you and your website. Make it ‘the source'.

Store: Section 101’s platform allows you to sell merchandise and keep all the profits you make – there’s no sharing, it’s all yours! It is also a great way to see what resonates most with your base. Are they keychain fans or hat wearers? Is the blue tee selling better than purple? Smart way to do market research.

Contact: Make sure there is an up-to-date contact that makes it easy for people to find you for bookings, licensing publishing or any other inquiries that might come up. And it is really important that you, or someone you work with,  checks the email address associated to the contact page!

Sign Up: So important! Email contact is still very valuable. Build up your email subscriber list by asking fans to input their email address. Maybe sweeten the deal with something in return (a song download, photo, chapter from an audio book) if they do!

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