Website Tips and Best Practices

Social Sharing is Awesome & You Don\'t Even Have to Worry About Using Hand Sanitizer!

Sharing is caring! You post an amazing NEWS item on your Section 101 website and you want to share it with as many people as you can – what’s the next step? If you have a Twitter and Facebook page set up (and you should), that’s a good place to start.

Section 101 makes it super easy for you to look awesome on Facebook by automatically pulling the photo you have used in your news item and displaying it in your Facebook post. You should use a photo illustration on NEWS postings as often as possible because 1) people love photos, especially if they’re exclusive and haven’t been seen before and 2) studies show that Users scrolling through their Facebook feed spend more time looking at a post if there’s a photo with it!

Another tip (within a tip!) – try and keep your tweets to under 120 characters so supporters can re-tweet with a comment!

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