Website Tips and Best Practices

To Have or Have Not? Go On, Have It!

A common refrain we hear when we speak to people who are working with Section 101 on their website is that the band, artist, author, actor, brand (you get the picture) wants to wait for just ONE MORE THING before launching their website. We’re here to tell you that for such smart people (because really smart people use Section 101!), that’s not such a great idea.

First of all, and probably most importantly, having some web presence – even a splash page – is better than not having one at all. As you begin to build your brand, and a fan goes to look for you, you need them to be able to find something. And since Section 101 websites make it super-simple for you to change, add and modify your website once it is launched, waiting doesn't seem to make sense.  In addition, if you don’t lock in the URL you’re hoping to use for your band website (for example), it's entirely possible someone else could grab it.  Why take that risk?  If https://mybandisrad.com is your heart's desire, make sure you get it!

So be smart – get that URL and start building your website ASAP. We promise, you won’t be sorry!

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