Website Tips and Best Practices

Don't You Forget About Me

You know what's really important? Updates.

Don’t forget to update all the information on your band website - or artist, author, fitness site - that may be static for a while, such as contact info. The #1 most important item on your “to do” list is to make sure the contact information is current, and that someone is able to check inbound emails that come from the contact page on your website, as well as respond to any incoming queries! Another smart idea is to take a look at your bio and photos, make sure theyre up to date and your main photos are tagged (see tip about Alt Tags here). You definitely don’t want Wikipedia to become the official source of information on you and/or your brand, so make a note in your calendar to update your ABOUT, BIO or TIMELINE sections at least every three months.

Updating your website is also a great way to take fans along with you on the journey of your career, and an amazing historical reference for youself. You may not think it's important right this very minute, but before you know it,you be wishing youd kept track of all the exciting highlights dotting the path of your career.  YOU are the definitive source of YOU!

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