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Alt Tags:Make Sure Your Photos Speak a Thousand Words on Your Band Website!

Get a Number 2 pencil ready because class is in!

What’s an “Alt Tag”? It’s a description of an image that you place on your Section 101 website or email blast – and it’s also super important to SEO (see last posted tip here)

ALT TAGS provide cues to search engines on what the image you’ve posted is, and, when done correctly, can result in your image being at the top of an image search. So what should you do? If you want to start tagging your photos, and you should (!), the Alt Tags should be 3-8 words and include some descriptive text. Let’s say you just played a kicking showcase in New York City, blogged about it on your band website, and posted a photo; a good Alt Tag would be “The Roadkills, rocking out in NYC at Sidewalk Café.” An ineffective one would be “Our band rocking out.” It’s an extra step, yes, but well worth it. If someone googles “Sidewalk Cafe,” there’s a good chance your image will pop up and lead to them clicking on the pic to check out just what you were doing there...

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