Website Tips and Best Practices

What is SEO? No, it’s not the head of a company!

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization…and it has the potential to mean a lot! People search on Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. for information on the web and certain factors can make what you’ve written on your website come up higher in a Search query. In other words, if your band website (or fitness, or author or brand website) can be ‘read by the search engines, you have a better chance of being found. 

One good way to do this is to be as descriptive as possible. Make sure to fill out an ABOUT section on your website and also post a bio. If you've heard your sound is reminiscent of early Rolling Stones, you should say so. If people compare your writing to Hunter S. Thompson, let people know! If you’re favorably compared to someone successful, shout it from the rooftops! 
Another good thing to do is make sure you descriptively tag all your photos (more on that next Tip), both on your website, and social media, consistently. That way, if someone looks for your name, your artist website or social media page comes up. And finally, create shareable content. If you write witty blogs, or post incredible photos or create interesting videos, people WILL share it. And the more people share your work, even virtually, the more possibilities you will have!

By the way, if your artist website is powered by Section 101, then all of your hard work and content is automatically optimized for search engines via our Dymanic Search Engine Optimization technology.  This feature automatically formats the information on your pages behind the scenes with special hidden formatting on your pages for both Search Engines and Social Networks.


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Website Tips and Best Practices

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