Website Tips and Best Practices

Fab Five Freddy, Don't Forget Your Favicon!


Your name doesn’t have to be Fab Five Freddy to remember to put your Favicon on your Section 101 website (clearly, the Tip editor loves alliteration!). 

What’s a Favicon? It is an icon associated with your URL that is usually found on your browser's address bar, tab or next to the site name in a bookmark list. It is a great finishing touch to your website, adds a professional air, and continues to reinforce your logo to people who check your website. We usually recommend a logo or small photo that people associate with your brand as your Favicon. Make sure whatever you choose doesn’t get washed out since the dimensions are so small - here’s a great Favicon resource where you can upload your photo or logo to check out how it’s going to look before adding it to your site: https://www.xiconeditor.com/

Good examples of Section 101 band websites that utilize favicons are BUSH, Duran Duran's Fan Community, Aimee Mann and Jamie Kent. Take a look!

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