Website Tips and Best Practices

Don’t Let Visitors BOUNCE Away!

What does Bounce Rate Mean?

This is an important term used to analyze tour web traffic. How many visitors come to your site, but leave quickly? That number is your bounce rate and you certainly want it to be low! In fact, Section 101 CEO Liz Leahy led a whole panel discussion on this topic at the CMJ Music Marathon.

We’re here to educate!

As the provider of content via your website to interested parties, you want your information/music/art to stick with visitors so they come back for more. Experts in the field say that an acceptable bounce rate is around 20 to 30 percent  - that 20 - 30% of visitors leave your website rather than investigate. Many sites have a bounce rate that is much higher, meaning that people leave without visiting other pages. 

One of the keys to keeping people interested is to remain consistent with the flow of information you impart to your audience – if you blog every Thursday, and your fans come to expect it, don’t let them down. If you post a new photo, new song, or a passage from your writing  every other week, make sure it’s there. Fans crave consistency and will reward you for it. Make sure your website is an accurate reflection of you and/or your product. It is also important for your website’s home page to look clean, informative, easy to navigate and gives forth the kind of vibe that makes people want to stick around and learn more!, 

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