Website Tips and Best Practices

3-2-1 LAUNCH!

Your landing page could also be called your launch pad – after all, it’s what people see first when they visit your website. That makes it super important for you to not only keep it up to date, but to also make sure it looks engaging and represents you, and your brand, in the best way possible.

It may seem obvious, but make sure your landing page is informative. You want people to not only stick around, but to check out other pages on your site and, if you’re lucky, pay a return visit!

Make sure the information you provide on your landing page isn’t hard to find. Put symbols for all the social media pages you’re part of so a fan can click on them and start following you there as well.  If you’re currently promoting something, make sure that news is on the landing page – don’t make a fan have to click around to find it. The goal is to make their experience as easy and as positive as possible. Your audience will appreciate not having to search for information that could easily be at their (literal!) fingertips!

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