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Video May Have Killed the Radio Star but...

Want to grab some extra attention? Make a video! This is a tried and true method to get people interested in what you do.  Published a book? Read a part of it and post it on your site via YouTube. Wrote a song? Make sure you create a lyric video to go with it.     

Section 101 client John Taylor of Duran Duran had a lot of success doing this – he read several excerpts from his book, posted it on YouTube and his website, and people responded so well his book, IN THE PLEASURE GROOVE: Love, Death & Duran Duran, was a New York Times best seller! If you’re a musician, make a lyric video along with whatever else you’re doing with your song. They’re really popular right now; in fact many record labels are putting out lyric videos along with singles right away, before committing to putting money behind a visual video. While fan-made videos are a great tribute, you don’t want people to search for them and think they’re official. Not only should you be drawing the traffic to your own online properties but it’s a nice thing to do for your fan base.

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