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Shopping List? I'll Tweet to That!

Twitter just became an awesome new selling tool!

So here’s a tip for everyone that you may or not be aware of: Amazon has this cool new program called #AMAZONCART. In a partnership with Twitter, Amazon has now enabled you to link your Twitter and Amazon accounts together so you can buy an item right from your Twitter page  – for example, Section 101 client and author Sandra Balzo’s book, “Murder on the Orient Expresso.” If you see the amazon link to the book on your twitter feed, you just reply to the tweet with the words #AmazonCart and seconds later, Amazon will Tweet you back and to let you know the item has been added to your cart. In addition, if you see that someone you follow on Twitter has purchased something on Amazon that you’d like too – such as a Vincent Spano movie  - you can reply to their tweet with the words #AmazonCart, and BOOM, Amazon adds it to your cart for you. When you’re ready to check out at the end of the day, all your items will be in your cart waiting for you. 

What this means for people who have items for sale on Amazon is that you can tweet out links to your books/movies/music and now your fans can just #AmazonCart it to purchase. All around a win for sellers and buyers. Pretty nifty, Twitter!

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