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Responsive website – say wha?

There’ a new buzzword in town, and its name is “responsive.” Here’s the scoop so you can know what all the commotion is about:

The concept is easy - a Responsive site is one that changes with the sizing of your browser window. Responsive technology came out of a need to address sizing on mobile, tablets and other devices. It doesn't necessarily add greater value than a site that is mobile friendly, but if your site is very image heavy, it’s a good thing to have. Section 101’s website for Caroline Distribution [https://caroline.com/] is a prime example of a Responsive website: if you look at the gorgeous full size photos on the homepage, you will see what we mean. If you make window shorter, everything shifts in order to accommodate the sizing. In fact, the full image galleries on all Premium client websites have a responsive element. It is a nice thing to have if you want to show off artwork or photos. It is not, however, a deal breaker.


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