Website Tips and Best Practices

Enough About Me, Let’s Talk About You!

A few easy tips to keep your audience updated on what you’ve got goin’ on!

News, Press and Blogs: In just a few minutes the Section 101 platform lets you add news, press and blogs. Make sure you always keep your fans up to date on what is happening with you as an artist. Including your audience makes them feel like part of the process!

Dates: Let your fans know when you’re playing a show, doing a reading or acting in a production - sell tickets and promote yourself on social media. Ask fans coming to a show to RSVP, make it everyone’s big night!

Calendar: Are there essential dates your fans should know about? The day your single hits iTunes, when a movie you’re starring in comes out, the first date of your speaking tour? Share a calendar – let fans add their birthdays too so you build a community together!

Biography: Include a biography on your website.  People want to get to know you and what you’re about FROM you. Don’t let another source represent you to your fan base.


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