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To Pin or Not To Pin?

Ahhhh, a vexing question if ever there was one! What is better for your brand, Pinterest or Instagram? They certainly have a different demographic to start with, so that’s something to keep in mind. Instagram users do tend to be younger and more urban than people who use Pinterest. Also people on Pinterest tend to share photos that require a visual, like a craft or a food dish, where Instagram is a little looser.


It’s a bit easier to see Pins on a Pinterest board, and they come up quicker in Search, but Instagram feels much less like a marketing tool, which your audience might appreciate. Pinterest allows you several different Pages on your Pinboard,” so you could have a “Live” board for photos of a live event, a “Studio” board for behind-the-scenes snaps, a “Merch” board, etc. whereas Instagram is more of the moment and also used much more on mobile than web (where it can be viewed but not used). In our opinion, Pinterest does seem a bit more promotional and Instagram a bit more personal.


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