Website Tips and Best Practices

Stop the Presses!

It’s smart to keep your website populated with content. Even if you don’t have a publicist, you can always write your own press release.  Why? Beside adding an air of professionalism to your website, it can also help when people SEARCH for a term (but that’s a tip for another week!)


When writing your own press release, you need to answer Who/What/When/Where, and the MAIN focus of your release should be presented in the LAST sentence of your FIRST paragraph to have the most impact. If you’re letting your base know about a big product launch, what’s the most essential piece of information you want to impart? Did you work with an amazing music producer? Did your short film win a notable prize? About to have an article published in a big magazine? Was your product featured on a local TV show?  The one thing you want people to take away from reading your press release is your focus sentence, and everything else should support that.  Don't forget to add an image or photo to make it interesting!


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