Website Tips and Best Practices

Engage Your Audience!

Did you know it’s quick and easy to add content to your Section 101 website so you can further engage with your audience?


Here are a few suggestions:


Your Audio: Easily add and organize your music, podcasts, audiobooks, and more with the Section 101 Music Player. Make sure you lead with your best track! After a few weeks change it up again , and maybe take a few requests.


Your Photos: Upload and organize photos that show your fans what you do. Are you in the studio? In the middle of the songwriting process? At a writing workshop? Doing rehearsals for a play? Show us what you’re up to, your audience wants to know.


Your Videos: Add your latest videos, or import them from YouTube. Create a live video, story video, lyric video, photo video or even a chat about your artistic process or what is exciting you in the world of entertainment lately. It doesn’t have to be long, or even super-produced. Fans love your content and feeling included.


You have a lot of choices to entertain your base and it also shows your creative side!


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