Website Tips and Best Practices
Grab the Windex, It’s Time for a Clean

The idea of having your own website should be two-fold. Primarily, your website is your home on the web, a place where people can go to follow up on the latest news and information about you and/or your product. It is also important to make the experience of exploring your website a positive one. 

When creating your Section 101 website, make sure you have a goal, and that all your content and creative supports that goal. It’s important that your website be interesting, yet easy to navigate, and not a mash-up of many well-intended, but confusing, ideas. The easier it is for people to get around your website, in a way that is both enjoyable and clear, the more they will want to come back and visit again. You’d be surprised at how many websites we see that have the potential to be great if they just reviewed their site content every few months to make sure things still mesh. If you still have art and posts on the homepage from 2014, maybe it’s time for a cleanup!

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Website Tips and Best Practices

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