Press Article


Section101, a leading destination for artists wishing to take control of their digital content, is thrilled to announce a new website featuring the work of visionary Rube Goldberg. The site, which can be viewed at rubegoldberg.com, lives up to the highest standard created by the renowned Goldberg, whose work is still inspiring imaginative minds today. Showcased via the Section 101 platform, the new Rube Goldberg site provides an easy-to-use online catalog highlighting the broad diversity of Rube's art and how highly influential, and viral, Rube’s work has become. Rube still lives on in numerous projects such as a commercial for Honda (https://rubegoldberg.com/?page=video) and the enormously successful video for OK Go’s “This Too Shall Pass” (https://rubegoldberg.com/?page=video). In honor of Rube’s birthday month (Goldberg was born on July 4th, 1883), the site has made 16 of his images available for FREE download and usage for a limited time. From a “Safety Device for Walking on Icy Pavements” to a contraption for “Putting the Cat Out at Night,” these images are a reminder of both Rube’s genius and whimsy. Section 101 is working with the Rube Goldberg estate to make the site the most user-friendly experience possible, featuring rotating pieces of Rube’s drawings on the homepage and the opportunity, for the first time, to explore over 200 of Rube Goldberg's inventions, cartoons and drawings in the Gallery of the new site. These include some of his wacky invention contraptions, weekly comic strips, political cartoons and much more. The site will also be launching several official contests over the course of the year so people can pay tribute to Rube’s creativity with their own.