Section 101 News

Section 101 company CEO Liz Leahy and CTO Jim Hoffman are very pleased to announce the launch of S101 Design, an offshoot of their successful digital services company, Section 101.

 “A big part of our efforts with Section 101 is working with our clients on finding their brand identity. S101 Design evolved from this; we had so much fun helping people define themselves artistically, and more and more clients referred us to their colleagues. We are really excited to be able to seamlessly move in to the space with a strong client base already in place,” says CEO Liz Leahy. 

S101 Design brings creative elements to projects such as custom website design, album and book artwork, graphic design, email design, newsletter templates, concept strategies and more. S101 Design offers amazing creative design with fast, flexible and cost effective services, providing peace of mind with a cohesive and cooperative process.

Current design clients include Caroline Distribution, BWR Public Relations, Harbour Records, marketing company Quantum Collective, and music artists Aimee Mann, Jonatha Brooke and chart topping pop vocalists Pentatonix. Please visit https://s101design.com and take a tour of our work.